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If you own property without adequate insurance for buildings and contents, then you are gambling with the future for yourself and your family.


Everyone realises that a home, an investment property or business property must be kept secure from break-ins and damage from fire or other causes. Unfortunately, even though we understand the value of such deterrents as alarms, we often fail to realise the value of insurance in its various forms until it is too late.


Many properties are still under-insured or only have Compulsory Buildings Insurance, and many of us still think that Critical Illness Cover, Mortgage Protection Insurance and Income Protection are unnecessary luxuries. When you consider the value of properties and how accident or sickness can affect your livelihood it makes sense to invest in adequate levels of Insurance Protection.


During our working lives, we strive to pay off debts and develop a secure future for ourselves. Illness, unemployment or a sudden death in the family does happen and can lead to serious financial problems. There is a myth that the government will look after you should you fall ill, have an accident or become unable to work. These days the rules on such matters are much tighter. For example, you can only receive long-term sickness benefit if you are unable to do any work - not just the job you had before you became ill. Unfortunately, your ability to get a job may be still very much dependent on relevant past experience. This could leave you unable to get work and unable to obtain benefit.


It is now an FCA requirement that companies offering mortgage services also fully explain and provide valuable obligation-free advice on a wide range of insurance products.


We can help you decide on the best strategy for protecting your property, yourself and your family by providing skilled advice on any of the following products:


Mortgage Payment Protection (Accident, Sickness and Unemployment).


• Income Protection

• Life Insurance

• Critical Illness Cover

• Buildings Insurance

• Contents Insurance


Please contact us for no obligation advice on any type of cover. We can put together a package for you to suit your exact needs and budget.

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