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Also known as, Capital Mortgages, Repayment Mortgages are the traditional means of paying for a property so that eventually it becomes fully yours because of the payments. The term of a Repayment Mortgage is typically 25 years and at the end of that period you would (if payments have been kept up) owe nothing to the lender.


Your mortgage payments are divided into capital repayments, which are repayments of the money you borrowed, and interest payments, which are repayments of the interest, charged for the loan.


Every month you pay off some of the interest and some of the capital. The monthly repayments on a Repayment Mortgage will be greater than an equivalent Interest Only Mortgage.


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As the name suggests with an interest only mortgage you are only paying off the interest on the loan. The capital remains unpaid.


Typically, interest only mortgages run alongside an investment. The idea being that the investment is used to pay off the mortgage at the end of its term.

The danger with this type of mortgage is that if the investment is unsuccessful you could lose your home at the end of the mortgage term.


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On this page we will explain the main types of mortgages available and the potential advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.